On Sunday, Dec 4, 20016, I had my violin recital. I played a song called Honigra by Robert,Prancht. I felt like I stepped on stage played a note and got of, but of course I didn’t! This is my fifth year playing the violin. I wanted to play violin since before I could really talk, I started playing in Kindergarten and I am now in grade 4. It is hard sometimes but I still love it💗! I ❤️ music. Me and my cousin are gonna start a band and we already have are first song it’s called “Last Night”. Me and my Uncale also sing songs together because he is a great musician! I already have a song that I  wrote with the help of my Uncle its called “My Family is Here to Guide Me”! My favourite songs are all of them, and on the Violin my favourite type of music is Fiddle! Anyway, tell me what you think about music in the comments!!!!!!!!!! Got a go till next time, Bye!


2 thoughts on “Music

  1. I love love ❤️ music too! My family including my dad my siblings and my kids all love music so it makes sense that you also share that love.

    I love listening to you practise your violin because I grew up listening to my Dad play the violin and for me it was so beautiful and safe and comforting. I’m glad that you like playing the violin because I think it connects with my love for you and how much I know my dad would have loved you!!

    Your enthusiasm for dining and dancing and writing what’s in your heart makes me happy. I love when you’re at my house “in the zone” with your music and also with all your endless creativity!!!

    And GOOD JOB with the play. I can hardly wait to see it performed!!! Are you perhaps related to Jodie????

    I love you💕


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