Downtown needs kid-friendly homes

I am a nine-year-old Grade 4 student. I fortunately live downtown with my mom and in the inner city with my dad. I am writing to you because of an issue that needs to be addressed regarding adult-only buildings in Alberta and Edmonton. Did you know there are many apartments/condos that don’t allow children?

Kids don’t have very many places to live downtown and downtown is an easily accessible place for parents with children to live. We need kids in our community to brighten up the spirit and to make sure they feel welcome, because they will be our future leaders and they need to know how to be in a community.

It makes me feel sad and left out when kids are not welcome. Everyone was a kid once and even if some people have more power over us, at the end of the day we are all equal. If you want to know more about this issue visit:

Franka McKague Larson, Edmonton

First thing I will say is yes I wrote this! Also this isn’t just a problem in downtown Edmonton but in all of Alberta! Alberta is the only province in all of Canada to have no exceptions on restricted housing. Also that’s kind of a big deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom and I are involved in the Child Friendly Housing Coalition of Alberta, which is a group of people who believe its important that kids belong everywhere. I believe in this issue because I am a kid for 1 and for 2 kids are people to, ya know? So I know I cant explein everything because there are 100000 resons why kids shoul be aloud in places and this is just a blog so visit the website that is in my letter. There is one more thing I have to say, KIDS ARE NOT NECCESSARILY ANY LOUDER THAN SOME ADULTS! Bye!!!!!!!!


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