My Report on Deforestation


A cause of Climate Change




What is Deforestation?

Deforestation is when people cut down trees to make (sometimes unnecessary) changes in our land. Some of the things we make are roads, farms, and spaces for houses. Most of the time these trees are not replanted.

But Why Does it Happen?

As I said before Deforestation occurs when men and women cut down trees for urban, industrial, and agricultural use. But as far as I know the main reason is for money.

Why Should I Care?

Well this is the first thing I have to say. Are you an animal lover? If the answer to this question is yes then you will probably start crying when you find out that it seems to me that this affects animals at a very high rate! For example, imagine going for a walk and coming home to see that your whole entire house has been destroyed, no your whole entire community!!!! This is what happens to these poor innocent animals. The next reason is that when trees are cut down water will stay on top of the surface instead of the trees absorbing the water witch can cause floods. Trees give water to rivers, lakes exc and if the trees can’t give water droughts can occur. Trees also soak up CO2 and gives us air, cutting down trees will pollute our air and increase the chance of global warming.

What Can I do to Help?

First thing is first, plant LOTS of trees, and if you can for every tree you see being cut down plant a new one. The more trees we plant the more we can prevent some horrible things. Second, try to not use paper too much. Paper is made out of trees so when we use too much paper people cut down more trees. Finally, spread the word! Tell the people and friends around you and then continue to do this.


Thanks For Reading!

Let’s make the world a better place and stop Deforestation!



3 thoughts on “My Report on Deforestation

  1. What a beautiful topic to explore. I am proud your are passionate about the earth and her many gifts. I believe people like you can make a difference to change the world. Keep exploring what makes you feel passion, and what us worth caring about!


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