I am a grade 4 student that is home schooled, I live in a prairie city in Canada. I love music and I play the violen, I also am in HIP-HOP and I sing allot! My blog is about my adventures of being Home Schooled,and what it is like to live down town. In my photo I’m on my scooter off to my old School in grade thee! The adventures of grade 4 begin!


So, most of us know School is out! That dose NOT mean that my blog is too! I’m just gonna switch it up.


Hello, my name is Franka! My blog is about LIFE and all of its WONDERS! At the moment I am on summer Vacation now, but in 1 month I will be in Grade 5 at an Art School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have played the violin since grade k and I wanted to play it since I was born! I sing and dance allot, and I am going into Contemporary dance and Acro next year!