At Zoo Camp (Lucy)

I went to a  P.D. day camp for two days at the ZOO and learned all about animals. I wrote a bunch of information on the animals I saw, so much that I can only tell you about one animal that you have probably heard of. Her name is Lucy and she is an Elephant!!!!!!!!!!!


LUCY                                                                                              lucythe                                                             Lucy is an Asian Elephant which means she turns white as she ages. She loves the smell of mint and the taste of mustard. She also loves to destroy snowman and eat snow. Lucy is the last Elephant that the zoo will get because of a new law that was past that says “if you want a group of Elephants the minimum is 3 and if you want a group of breading Elephants 10 and they don’t have room for that many”. lucyhelps                     Lucy is 41 and her birthday is on Canada-day. Elephants have a soft elastic like padding on there feet that makes it so we can’t hear them when they walk. Lucy ways about 8600 pounds and her trunk has 6000 muscles in it, thats more than we do in our whole entire body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lucy.jpg



Tuesdays are very busy days for me I have violin  and hip-hop. So today is Tuesday and it was a very busy day I had music & gym.